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From everyday life situations to relationships and dating, life can be interesting growing up in a bi-racial household in the deep South, but also full of laughs. Marvin Lee quickly learned how stupid, narrow-minded and intolerant people could be. Unfortunately, those people were usually his family members, but a least they were "equal-opportunity- narrow-minded- intolerant people", where race wasn't a factor. It was only in the real world where Marvin saw these feelings in others being rooted in skin color. In school, Marvin noticed that his black and white friends would both ask him about the things the other group did making him a type of pseudo ambassador between the races.  This could have been a noble calling if Marvin didn't enjoy making up the craziest answers to their questions. This wasn't mean spirited, Marvin was just amazed how people living in the same area could be so clueless about each other...and if he could get a good laugh out of it... so be it. Marvin's unique view of the world coupled with his high energy, down to earth smart alec style, allows him to take several familiar subjects and twist them to his style of thinking, and often giving you insight to the hidden dark side of the human condition.  

With the exception of Asian, Marvin Lee has been mistaken for every minority living in the U.S. to the final conclusion of "What are you?".... Hilarious is the answer. His amazing range of perspectives of the human condition to his commentary on the battle between the sexes always creates an atmosphere of good natured comedy while allowing his audience to learn something about each other and hopefully, themselves. In the end you will leave knowing exactly what to call Marvin Lee... F-U-N-N-Y.


Marvin Lee's career has allowed him to perform in some of the most prestigious comedy clubs in the US as well as several different countries around the world. He's performed in New York, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Toronto, Calgary, Tokyo, and  Seoul, and has made appearances on Last Comic Standing, Comic View,s "Coming to the stage. and The Comedy Network in Canada..



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