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The Comedy Club Show :

In an age of two minute Youtube clips and five minute TV guest appearances the comedy club is still the only institution where a comedian can express himself and the purity of his comedic art. NOTHING is as exciting as seeing a comic perform LIVE!
At the root of it all Marvin Lee still consideres himself a Club Comic. Corporate shows pay better and fundraisers are a great way to give back, but they both have a mandate, a goal beyond just being funny. Having a mandate always hinders a comedians ability to keep their show pure which is why every good comedian always wants to return to the comedy club stage. To this end Marvin Lee is no exception.  When he hits the stage at a comedy club there is no overlaying theme or agenda. It is about the mind of the artist, the purity of the show which results in making people fall out of their seat with laughter.  The comedy club is a sacred place where the true capibilities of a comedian are put to the test. There are no re-takes, no laugh track, no editing and that is how Marvin Lee likes it!
 Marvin Lee's career has allowed him to perform in some of the most prestigious comedy clubs in the US as well as several different countries around the world. He's performed in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Toronto, Calgary, Tokyo, and Seoul, and has made appearances on Last Comic Standing, Comic View. BET's "Coming to the stage". and The Comedy Network in Canada..


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