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"THE DIVERSITY SHOW"   What has always made America great is the diversity of it's people. A nation made up of immigrants coming to the United States for a better life is the strength and heart of this great nation. But as a nation there are unfortunally many things that still seperate us as a people.  Racism, sexism, and intollarance of other people's religion, beleifs or sexual orentation.  All of these are heavy subjects to tackle let alone make funny but Marvin Lee has made a career of doing just that.
     Growing up in a bi-racial family in the deep South Marvin Lee has experienced first hand the uglyness that people are capable of if unchecked, but he also sees this as where he draws his ability to entertain not just one group but everyone.  Marvin Lee believes that people are 80% alike.  It's that other 20% Marvin Lee believes seperates us.
The diversity show deals with all of the traditional taboos that plague us as a nation. But instead of beating people over the head with an already heavy subject Marvin Lee  uses the power of laughter to show people how similar we are to each other and how that 20% that makes us different can be and an opportunity to open our minds up to what others have to offer. Marvin Lee has performed his diversity show to several colleges and private businesses  bringing people together through the use of laughter.


Client Feedback:
"Marvin performed at Concord University to rave reviews by the students I spoke with. Marvin's blend of comedy targeted the college-crowd, without going over-the-top and alienating any audience member. Many have said, "We hope you will get Marvin back in the future"! I would consider Marvin's performance one of the best and well-received acts we have had this year.
-Andrew M. Sulgit. Greek Affairs Coordinator. Concord University.
Client Feedback:
"It is my privilege and pleasure to recommend Marvin Lee to anyone seeking a comedian for a stand-up event. Marvin Lee performed at a UAB Annual Alumni Meeting to about 150 alumni and was entertaining, charismatic and enjoyable for people of all ages. he works with the client to make sure his material is appropriate and satisfactory  ahead of the event  so that there are no embarrassing  surprises. Additionally he is easy to work with on details and provide a great show at a reasonable cost.
-Rebecca V. Watson. Associate VP for Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving. University of Alabama at Birmingham.
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