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What happens when a comedian gets thrown onto one of the largest TV shows in History?
A battle between, Zombies, Hollywood and common sense!
"THE LAUGHING DEAD COMEDY STAGE SHOW"  is a satirical look at what goes into the making of a popular TV or zombie movie from the mind of a comedic outsider. This live stage show is part Stand-up comedy part audience participation as Marvin Lee re-lives his adventures and misadventures on one of the most popular TV shows in history. Audience members are encouraged to dress up as zombies or zombie fighters and become a part of the show as Marvin Lee directs them in a hilarious movie scene between the living and the dead, or they can participate in the always crazy and unpredictable "So I'm dating a zombie." dating game." If you are a HUGE fan of zombie movies or really HATE 'em you will love this show!
Why let the end of the world spoil your fun?




 Screen shot from season 6 episode 7 of  AMC's The Walking Dead. 


 Screen shot from the season 6 episode 1 of  AMC's The Walking Dead. 


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