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"How can a comedy show be an adult show and be a clean show? Can a comedy show be respectful to everyone and still be politically incorrect? Sounds like one big contradiction? thus the name, but it's  true! Comedian Marvin Lee wants to prove that the you don't have to be dirty to be laugh out loud funny, but you don't have to be a member of the Politically Correct police either.  Set up in a Ted Talks format this stand-up comedy stage show is a high energy laugh ride that will take you through the world of political correctness, racism, observational humor and the battle between the sexes as only Marvin Lee can do it! Finally the show switches to an improv Q&A session between Marvin Lee and the audience where nothing is off the table. There is just one rule: YOU HAVE TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST with your answer NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE MIGHT THINK! making every show unique where nothing is off the table!
Is this show clean? YES! 
Is this show politically correct? NO!
Well what is it? It's 100% ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! 

Marvin is a breath of fresh air in the comedy world that is FUNNY AS HELL... I MEAN HECK!


The thing that impressed everyone was how funny Marvin was without being offensive. There was no profanity and while there was sexual innuendo in much of the presentation, it was both tasteful and extremely funny. Many of our guests intend to attend a future comedy club appearance of Marvin's in the Cincinnati area. Finally, Marvin is a true gentleman.
-11/15/14 Gary Gibson


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