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Client Feedback:
"Marvin kept the crowd entertained throughout his entire show. He did a great job delivering a PG-13 performance that wasn't offensive to the crowd... yet continued to keep the audience laughing. Would definitely recommend!"
-Dan Parrigan Knights of Columbus, Gig ID# 990953 


Client Feedback:
"​This was our sixth year having a comedy fundraiser for the FOP of Brevard County . Usually we spend our budgets on two or three acts but this year we decided to go with just one act with more experience in doing a fundraiser comedy show and  WERE GLAD WE DID! Marvin Lee was wonderful, seriously funny and he did things that actually raise an additional $630.00 for our cause DURING HIS SHOW! Hiring Marvin Lee is one of the best investments you can make for your fundraiser
-Matthew  Rosenquest FOP Organizer, Brevard County.


"THE FUNDRAISER SHOW"   No matter how successful a comedian becomes it is important for that entertainer to use their gift to give back to the community. Marvin Lee has always worked with several different charaties to raise money for worthy causes. Having a successful comedy fundraiser is not simply getting up in front of a group and telling jokes while reminding people to give. If done incorrectly a comedian's show will come across as one long informmercial or a telethon. A comedian seasoned in doing fundraisers is skilled in making people entertained, while subtly showing them that they are there for a greater cause.  It is that skill that Marvin Lee excells! Marvin has done fundraisers for Goodwill Industries, Cystic Fibrosis, The Wyoming National Guard, The Veterens of Foreign Wars and the Federal Order of Police just to name a few and is ALWAYS enthusistic in working with others to do more. 


Client Feedback:
"This was my first time doing a fundraiser for the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Parkersburg, WV and Marvin Lee gave me excellent advise and showed extreme professionalism. He tailored his routine to my audience which ranged from 20-80 years of age. It was a clean show- very impressed with his entire routine, mannerism, and professionalism. I have received nothing but RAVE reviews for the audience that attended. Marvin Lee is definitely a MUST HIRE! Thank you so much for laughs, and making this the best fundraiser the club has ever had!"
-Lisa S. Client Feedback Gig 645130


Client Feedback:
"​The event could not have gone any better. Room was packed full of approx. 300 people. The majority of folks were 30-50, but there were several 60s and a few teenagers. Each and every one of them enjoyed Marvin's performance immensely. Price was more than fair and worth every penny. If you have an upcoming event, you CAN NOT go wrong with this guy! Thanks Marvin!
-Steve​ ​Lingafelter (Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis) 3/21/15 Gig ID #1934205:


Client Feedback:
"​Our company recently hosted a Happy Hour event for various Goodwill Industries International organizations, and Marvin Lee was the star of the event! His act was hilarious and everyone enjoyed the good clean humor. He was professional, flexible with our changing schedules, and a joy to work with. After the show, he stuck around to chat and eat with us - it was like a bonus comedy show! He helped us attract many attendees and new clients, and we were so glad to have found him. Ali Kagawa National Charity Services
-Ali Kagawa has submitted the following client feedback for Gig ID# 952398 (Non-Profit Fundraiser event)Client Feedback:


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