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CORPORATE AND HOLLIDAY SHOW'S  are a completely different animal than performing at a comedy club or fundraiser.  At a comedy club you are performing for various different people with different likes, backgrounds and mindsets that when combined make up an audience.  Fundraisers and corporate events are both alike in the fact that the comedian is working toward a mandate, theme or image and is there to represent that company or fundraiser. What seperates the two is that with a fundraiser you are dealing with an audience that is made up of induviduals  with different backgrounds and mindsets much like the audience you get with a comedy club. In a corporate event the audience come from the same background of the company for which they work.  They are also very mindful of what their co-workers think about the them as far as what they find funny.  Marvin Lee has performed for over seventy different companies and holiday events to great success because he doesen't do a one size fits all show. Instead he customizes each show toward the goal of his clients. This attention to detail and desire to give a hilarious comedy show that is always on point has earned Marvin Lee clients like Shell Oil, and Costco. 
Client Feedback:
"​​He's exactly what we looked for, young and hip image wise, but still able to impress older generation. He was performing to about 250 engineers and contractors, EVERYONE had a blast.
-Caleb H h Gig ID #2152998​. College Station, TX. 10/14/15​ C


Client Feedback:
"​I would recommend Marvin Lee for everyone's event. Very professional he went above and beyond and blew my expectations away. If you want entertainment think outside the box as I did and hire him not only was he the hit of our party he made me the hit of the event. He is all everyone is talking about and being the holiday party planner I am being told this has been the best holiday party anyone has been to and some employees have worked for us over 15 years. I can not say enough good things about him in the space given I feel bad for the next person planning the holiday party having to top this one. Have no doubt I made the right and best decision to hire Marvin Lee.
-Jeff Garcia (Costco Corporate Christmas Party) Gig ID# 1544842


Client Feedback:
"​Our police officers association enjoyed Marvin as the entertainer at our cocktail reception for our members. He was able to reign in the audience from the very beginning, and hold their attention, not always easy to do with officers eating, drinking and generally having a great time! Marvin was able to also interject some humor regarding specifics on our members, that I had discussed with him previously to him going on stage. Overall, Marvin did a great job at keeping a large audience's attention and laughs were constant.
- Linda Cook (Police Officers Association Banquet) -Gig 1096787


Client Feedback:
"​Marvin was wonderful!!! He came into the City when Morale was very low and brought all the departments together. It was wonderful to all laugh out loud together! He did an awesome job and have heard from many employees that they really enjoyed his show. We would recommend Marvin Lee to others in a heart beat.
-Becky Freisleben (Christmas Party​) the Mayor's office for the city of New Berlin, Wi)  Gig ID# 1222942 ​​​


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